Pleasantly Malevolent
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The following I wrote about 18 or so months ago, give or take... and some have been saying I should share it with others. This is a little short I used to wrap my head around some things that the rest of us have been looking at for a possible RPG setting we're going to call Babylon Omega (tm), a cyberpunkish far future setting. 

I do want to thank my cohorts in TSP, M. Gray, G. Gray and M. Wilson for breaking out the red pens, even if virtually to help me out. 

Comments welcome, as this will be posted to my G+ feed. 

Meantime I hope you all enjoy

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Well my first project is going to not be easy.  Although I'll admit to having some epiphany brain actions going as of late in between working on things for Into the Maelstrom.


A bit of background on it first.


  1. I wanted to work with Fate (either Fate Accelerated Edition of Fate Core) for it.

  2. I wanted to do something I'd not seen online yet.

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Okay, working on some sample stunts, since this will be a stunt heavy game, and that might take a day or two working with my Derby Girl friends to get a good sample listing for those who might not be familiar with it.


So going to start off today's post with some terms that would be needed to understand some of the stuff.  We'll do these as simple explanations and definitions.