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Fate on the Flat Track: The Begining Featured

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Well my first project is going to not be easy.  Although I'll admit to having some epiphany brain actions going as of late in between working on things for Into the Maelstrom.


A bit of background on it first.


  1. I wanted to work with Fate (either Fate Accelerated Edition of Fate Core) for it.

  2. I wanted to do something I'd not seen online yet.

Well some have heard that a few of my co-conspirators in TaleSmith Productions are Derby Girls down in the Lower 48. And I thought... whoah! What about making a game about Roller Derby! Its a very not looked at area for RPGs. I know of one, Roller Girls Vs. by Hex Games, that uses the QAGS system. All good stuff in there, except it's more about a themed type of character (Roller Girls) getting into stuff like spying, fighting dinosaurs and the likes.


All good, but it's not Roller Derby.


Girls, roller skates, bumps, bruises, violent or sexy names (or violently sexy names), and well... lots of fun!

Well a few things came up with how to do this.


  1. Which Fate System to use: Core or Accelerated?

  2. How to simulate 5 girls in play out of a team of 14 for each Jam.

  3. Each Jam, the girls have to switch out... no one can do multiple jams in a row unless numbers get down too far.

Well for the first one, it was easy to figure out due to one thing.

Which Version of FATE? Answer: Skills vs. Approaches... Approaches Win!

Fate Core uses skills, and that would overly complicate this overly complicated theme for this game. By going to FAE approaches, it makes it a little easier for character creation, especially where it's already. So, Fate Accelerated Edition it is!

How to Simulate the team of 14 and 5 people in play per jam?

Well this is where it got tricky. Even asked a question about it on the G+ Fate Core Community once.

And it got worse as I looked at the game and how it's played by those girls on the flat track. There are 3 positions on a team, one is a jack of all trades, master of none: the Pivot. Then there are the Blockers, those that are obstacles on the track to get around. And then you have the Jammers, the ones that score. The are the golden snitch and the Seeker all rolled into one for Roller Derby.

My solution though... bring CARDS into Fate.

What? Cards, you ask? How are cards going to help a Fate Game other than a Fate Deck?

Simple, grasshopper, simple.

Each Character, the entire Team, is going to be comprised of the following.


  • Team Name

  • (1) One Team High Concept

  • (1) Team Trouble

  • (1) Team Stunt

  • (11) Normal Character Cards, representing the pivot and blocker girls. Each will have an aspect and a stunt. As well as 7 penalty ticks and 3 stress boxes.

  • (3) Jammer Character Cards, each with an aspect and a stunt as well. Also with the penalty ticks and 3 stress boxes.

  • 3 refresh to start. Can be spent to gain an additional jammer (loosing a Normal character card, going to a 10-4 split), or on additional team stunts. Can't go under 1

I'll get more into team creation in the next bit, of course.


Aspects of Play include of course:


  • The Bout - 60 minutes of play, broken into two 30 minute periods.

  • jams: each one up to 2 minutes long, but can be stopped early by the lead jammer. No matter how many jams there are and how long each goes, a period is 30 minutes of total play time. Thus a lead jammer calling it early or late can have a lot of tactics behind it as well.

  • Each Jam broken up into 12 second long turns where multiple actions can happen on each team.

  • two 'decks' of cards, random pull for all members in play each jam.

  • penalty box!

  • real roller derby rules via FAE Rules!

Means of winning:


  • Score more points than the other team by end of the bout.

  • On team loosing 7 team members: can't field a team with less than 8.  Penalties or injuries count.

Some start off notes: Yeah, I know this means that each team will have in play at any one time 7 aspects, and at least 6 stunts (free team stunt + 5 girls in play) without any in the penalty box. This is why there aren't 3 free team stunts. Fate Points will still work as expected, though.

So... now that it's announced, going to get some stuff up here in the next day or so on Team Creation. Might have to break that down into 2 parts. But all good. See ya on the other side.

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