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Fate on the Flat Track || Some Terms & Leauge Construction Featured

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Okay, working on some sample stunts, since this will be a stunt heavy game, and that might take a day or two working with my Derby Girl friends to get a good sample listing for those who might not be familiar with it.


So going to start off today's post with some terms that would be needed to understand some of the stuff.  We'll do these as simple explanations and definitions.



Basic Terms Of The Sport


Some of these I found online at a wonderful artist's blog, who also is a Derby Girl so credit where credit is due for Knuckle Sammich's Blog at http://knuckledownderbyart.blogspot.com/p/roller-derby-terms.html


Uniform Parts:


Other than the standard t-shirt and shorts, most skaters use standard 4 wheel skates, not roller blades. They do require elbow pads, knee pads, mouth guards, wrist guards, and helmet. But there are a few things that are 'terms' to be known.


The Panty - A helmet cover. The Pivot and Jammer both wear one. Of course they've made this one a 'funny' by saying they basically wear their panties on their head.


Star Panty - This is the panty worn on the helmet of the Jammer.


Striped Panty - This is the panty worn on the helmet of the Pivot.


Blockers don't wear a panty on their helmet.


Boutfit - a term for the skaters outfit for a bout. Some add a lot to theirs such as fishnets, or fuzzy leg warmers and claws, face paint, or really anything that would be considered outrageous. (lots of glitter seems to be common as well). Many boutfits fit the 'name' the skater has chosen as their nome de guerre so to speak also known as...


Derby Name - the fanciful name a skater uses when doing the derby so to speak. These tend to be very bad puns of a violent or sexual nature (or both). Some of them are really good, some are really groaners but it's all fun. Here are some sites I found showing some examples without outing anyone in particular (I don't have any specific permissions to pick on particular teams or players for this.)


Game/Match Terms: The Bout


Bout - a whole match, 60 minutes long of total game play, broken up into two 30 minute periods.


Period - a 30 minute block of jams. There are 2 periods to a regulation bout.


Jam - the main part of the period & bout. Jams are up to 2 minutes long, but can be called before that by the lead jammer.


Positions: Who is in play?


Blocker - Everyone in play but the Jammer. The pivot is an extra blocker with special rules and abilities.


Pivot - One of the blockers who wears the striped panty. They are the pace setter, and leader of the team in play. They can also take over as

jammer if the jammer in play passes them their star panty (they then have to put it on as well). So a jammer in trouble who can get to the pivot can have someone take over for them. This means good pivots are the jack of all trades of Roller Derby.


Jammer - To put it bluntly, the ball. They are the only one that can score. Wearing the Star Panty on their helmet, they stand out like a sore thumb of course. Quick, and tough, and sneaky are traits that they need. They score by passing other members of the other team on revolutions around the track.


Lead Jammer - The first Jammer out of the pack is declared the lead. This gives them the special ability to 'call the jam off', ending it early. Of course strategy can come into play there. A lead jammer can call a jam before the other jammer has a chance to score, or to work off time for those in the penalty box to get back into play.


Positions - Who is not in play?


The Box - The penalty box. Anyone who fouls, or gets a penalty has to spend a minute in the box. This is a minute of play time. So if you are still in the box during the time between jams, you're still in the box when the next jam starts.


NSO - Non-skating official. All the judges and others around the track doing things like keeping track of penalties, time in the box, score, and everything else.


Zebra/Ref - Referee's. They're called Zebras due to their striped shirts. Can be male or female, and tend to have derby names as well. There are typically at least 7 zebras per bout in various positions. Inside the Track, Outside the Track, Jam Ref, Head Ref, etc. Yeah, basically it takes as many refs to watch a derby bout as it does a football game.


Some Special Maneuvers:


Star Pass - A jammer can pass her star panty to the pivot. The pivot now becomes the jammer, the now former jammer becomes a blocker. If she had lead jammer status, it's reliquished. This would mean the new jammer can't call the jam early.

Jumping the Apex - A jammer move going around a turn on the track. By taking the inside lane, and then jumping, they can try to score all of their points in one maneuver, basically using the short part of the turn to leap ahead. Of course, if you get hit/blocked while doing this, it's going to hurt, and hurt a lot.


Jammer Whip - Done to help a jammer get some extra speed. One of the blockers will grab them and whip them forward.


League Creation


Okay, the first part here is the league creation. In most Fate campaigns and rpg's in general, this would be the job of the GM.

However, this is Fate Accelerated Edition, so players have a say. But to get things into the Roller Derby Mode, there are a few things to consider.


  • Are you wanting to use a GM?

  • How Serious do you want to be here?

Are you wanting to use a GM?


This game can use a GM or not. Really would depend on how well you trust your other players. If you have a GM, then they would play all of the Referee's (Zebras) and NSO's. Other than tracking things, the ref doesn't have much to do at this time. However, I could expand the role of the GM with a Zebra Squad makeup (not sure yet on that, maybe optional rules).

But this is designed that you can just grab a friend and play. The minimum is of course, two teams to do a bout. That's it.


How Serious do you want to be here?


Okay going to be blunt, as usual.


Derby is 'srs bizness" to a point. They're out there to have fun. This means that at times, it can almost seem like pro-wrestling. But not the US flashy pro-wrestling. Closer to Puroresu in Japan. It's not a soap opera for men, that half the time doesn't make any bloody sense, like the WWE in the U.S. Or really anything that would be classified as "Sports Entertainment" in the U.S.


But this is an rpg, so nothing says you can't go for the fantastic and insane over the top Sports Entertainment Derby if you wanted to.

The reason why I bring this us, is it'll really affect the teams in their High Concept and Trouble areas.


Serious Derby Example High Concepts: "Small Town Team On A Tight Budget", "Always the Underdogs", "We're all small, but damn we hit hard", "We are the All-Star Team", "4-time league champions", "Bruising Bombshells"


Serious Derby Example Troubles (all based on previous example high concepts): "Second hand, mismatched, and borrowed gear." , "Rookie Mistakes", "We're small, so we get hit harder.", "Teamwork? What's that?", "Overconfidence is our middle name", "F**k The Rules!"

All good ideas, but if you wanted to go the Sports Entertainment route, well... you could do the Derby version of the old Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (G.L.O.W) from back in the 80's. Teams of Convicts, street gangs, religious zealots,  voodoo followers, sci-fi cyborgs, or really whatever you wanted to. The only limits would be what you impose upon your game.


So for your derby campaign, aka the League I recommend these being decided upon.


League Sheet

League Name:

High Concept:Reality Level:

Danger Level:


League Name: The name of your league.


High Concept: Something that can denote the type of league you're wanting to play in.


Reality Level: I recommend a score of 1 to 5 here, with a 1 being real world roller derby.Anything more than that could be used to denote how fantastic they can get.


Danger Level: Similar, a score of 1 to 5 here, with a 1 being real world roller derby. Anything more than this and you're starting to get into apocalyptic future rules where skaters are really playing with their lives on the other end of the scale.


For most of the rules presented here, it will assume a Reality and Danger level of 1 each.


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