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Fate on the Flat Track: Team Construction (Part 1) Featured

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Okay, lets get to making teams!


These are the characters in Fate on the Flat Track. Although to simulate a multiple person ‘team’ you’re actually making 14 or so characters to play on ONE team.


Here are some simple rules for why things are the way they are here for for simulating Roller Derby.



A Roller Derby Team consists of the following.


  • A total roster of 8 or more people. 14 is average.

  • A Minimum of 8 people to play, anything less than that leads to a forfeit.

  • 3 or 4 people are usually designated to play Jammers.

  • 5 people: 1 pivot, 1 jammer, 3 standard blockers, are supposed to take part in each jam.

  • this can be reduced to at least 2 based on total on the team, and how many are in the penalty box.

  • Must have a Jammer in play to score. However once a jam has started, if a Jammer ends up in the box, then they’re not able to score. This is bad of course, cause it means the other team has only points to rake in.

  • skaters can not skate two jams in a row. (unless the team gets down way low on numbers due to penalties and injuries.)

So here is what you’ll need to create your team for Fate on the Flat Track.

A team playing board.

This is designed to be a play mat as well as team wide character sheet.

I’m not a graphic designer by far. But I did a mock up of how this would look. Not to sure on spacing so far. But the perfect setup for me would look something like this: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1XToZTD5jd-wLWhGQ2bvVWTfXSG8jpc_t4Dcnyy2jfyk/edit?usp=sharing

On this sheet you’d fill out the following:

1) Choose a Team Name:

the name of your team, obviously. For some, this is simple as like one of our local teams up here in the Anchorage Bowl & Mat-Su Valley: The Denali Destroyer Dolls. Also you have some places that just go “city nickname” roller girls, such as the Rat City Rollers (Seatle Area). But larger teams can have smaller teams as part of themselves and sometimes you end up with funny or hilarious names. For example, to pick on the Rat City Rollergirls previously mentioned (http://ratcityrollergirls.com/) they have 4 sub teams, and then an all-star team for touring comprised of the top skaters of their 4 main teams.

Another Alaska team are the Rage City Roller girls who again g sub-teams (http://www.ragecityrollergirls.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=42&Itemid=131) including the Sockeye Sallies (named for Sockeye Salmon), The Dirty Polis (aka dirty politicians ahem… we’ve had a few of those), The Derby Intelligence Compliance Squad (DICS, aka their officials and staff), Orange Crush and Devil’s Squad.

Of course these are mainly to give you ideas. The link there points right to their website… and they have some creative stuff. You can use this name to generate a theme as well, such as the Dirty Poli’s all in that picture are dressed like vintage area business women/politicians. Some go sporty like the Devil Squad, some go outlandish like the dirty polli’s. Up to you on how you want your team to be.

2) Choose a High Concept for your team:


Just like in any other Fate/FAE game, you need a high concept. Of course just like any other concepts, this can be invoked by spending fate points for good, or invoked in a negative way to gain fate points.


Some Examples were given in the previous post (on creating the league and how serious or fantastic you want your game to be.)


3) Choose a team trouble:


Just like in any other Fate/FAE game. Again examples were given in the previous post.


4) Choose your Approaches:


This is using FAE rules, however one approach, Careful, has been replaced by Teamwork. Score one of these at +3, Two of them at +2, two at +1, and the the last one at 0.


5) Choose one team stunt:


This is a team wide stunt that can be invoked at any time. Team Stunts ALWAYS cost a fate point to activate, as well as are limited to being used once per Period. Team Stunts can have two effects due to these limitations.


This should be something that is the most awesome maneuver the team can pull. I’ll give an example of a sneaky, albeit violent  team stunt here. The second effect, instead of an additional modifier is additional shifts of damage and the loss of all


“Because we’re really good at using the pack to hide illegal actions, we can spend a fate point to gain +2 on a sneak roll, to help avoid being detected by the referee(s) when someone tries to purposely foul a jammer trying to go through the pack. Additionally any damage done by this hit will have 2 additional shifts added to it.  If successful the jammer will hit will score no points this pass and will be rendered prone (on the ground).”


6) Set your Refresh:


Teams start with a 3 refresh, and thus would gain (aka start with at least) 3 free fatepoints every period! However...


7) Spend up to 2 refresh, IF YOU WISH. This is completely optional.


You have two options for spending refresh: Additional team stunts ( see #5 above) or one refresh can be spent on 1 additional Jammer. Taking the additional jammer will make your jammer roster 4 skaters instead of 3. However, your normal roster will be reduced to 10 from 11.


Of course the offset for buying more team stunts would be that you have fewer fate points to start off with to use them, meaning you will need to accept more compels to use them.


Next part, we’ll get to creating the skaters on your team.

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