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Fate on the Flat Track: Team Construction (Part 2) Featured

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Part 1 of Team Construction, we setup the team itself: approaches, concept, trouble, team stunt, refresh, etc.

Now we need to setup the Skater Cards... Yup, Skater Cards.


This will require 14 of these: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/16hW5fKYgmJi12_8INucSqRVEV3tSN618irSFbUMKGXY/edit?usp=sharing


I’ve taken the liberty to also do a full sheet for possible printing. Only thing I will apologize on is possible sizes. If the playmat is printed in A4 paper, these might work. Feel free to modify them or do your own to make them work out.





Each skater will need the following on their sheets.


  • One aspect. This aspect will be in play while the skater is and can be invoked as per Fate/FAE rules.

  • One stunt. These are lesser stunts, to a point. I’ll be putting some sample stunts after the points here.

  • If this skater is a Jammer, color in the star in the lower right corner. Your team should not have more than 3 jammers, unless you paid a point of refresh to have 4.

Some notes on the other marks:


Diamond Shapes at the bottom of the skater card are to keep track of their personal stress tracks. A skater that fills in all three diamonds is taken out of the game as injured.


Triangles down the right side are to keep track of the PENALTY track for each skater. Each time a skater receives a penalty they are put into the penalty box for one minute, and additionally mark off one penalty stress track box. If they mark off all 7, they’re thrown out of the game (removed from play) for being bad skaters.


Some example Skater Stunts: (Thanks to my TaleSmith Productions co-authors, and also derby girls Maire Gray & Gwen Gray for helping out on this list.)




Hair Trigger Reflexes - Because I have Hair Trigger Reflexes, once per bout, I can jump over a pack of downed skaters to avoid a fall and a potential injury. Additional uses of this stunt can be powered via spending a Fate Point.




Jump the Apex - Because I can Apex Jump, once per period, I can use the sneak approach to make a death defying leap over the turn in an Overcome attempt vs. the opposing team’s Teamwork  to quickly collect all available points on a scoring pass. I must be the in the Jammer position for this stunt to be used.


Quick Stop - Because I have Hair Trigger Reflexes, I get a +2 to Quick when I have to use a 180-toe-stop to avoid cutting the track, when I have been pushed out of bounds. I must be in the Jammer position for this stunt to be used.




Jammer Whip - Because I am Pack Aware, I gain +2 using Teamwork to try to create an advantage with a hip or arm whip when assisting my Jammer in play trying to move through my zone.




Big Shark In The Sea - Because I have Mad Shark Skills I get a +2 when I defend against a jammer by myself when she is attempting to enter the pack. I must be in the blocker position for this stunt to be used.




Overwatch - Because I have Eyes in the Back of My Head I get a +2 to create an advantage when I need to position my teammates when an opposing jammer is approaching the pack. I must be in the pivot position for this stunt to be used.


Defensive Coordinator - Because I am Captain of the Ship, I get a +2 when I skate backwards and, using Teamwork to create an advantage, guide two of my blockers in a 3-wall when we need to hold back another skater. I must be in the Pivot Position for this stunt to be used.


If I get more example stunts I’ll be able to post them of course.


Now, if you have your league team ‘mat’ sheet filled out, your 3 or 4 Jammers setup, and your 10 or 11 other skaters (blockers and pivots) filled out, then you’re ready to go.


Next we’ll get to some rules and how to play. Of course, some can already see looking at the sheet, that each jam will be done via drawing your Jammer & other skaters from their respective roster and have a random roster in each jam.


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